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TODAY –  Thank you to the members of the Kerang Car Club and John and Michelle for looking after us so well.

Marong Picnic 25th August    This year its on Sunday25th August.  Same arrangements as before.  Free entry to Federation Clubs members.  Just have it printed in your newsletter and bring a copy with you.  Other vehicles to go on display will be charged $20.00 each.  Arrive by 10:30am and no leaving till 2:00pm.  Rotary will be on site with catering.  Don’t forget if you have a Veteran or Vintage car we will be handing out the 100 years badges but only one for each vehicle for the year.  I notice the AOMC also has chosen this day for another display.

Bendigo to Castlemaine Run August 24th– This event for 2019 will start with an excellent breakfast at Bendigo Club rooms and we thank the members of that club for looking after us so well.  This is a great day and  more vehicles would be welcome.  Thanks to those who have supported this event in the past.  Need to let me know numbers for the breakfast please by the 14th August.  Neil 0408033839

Mortlake Picnic 24th March 2019:  Again this great event was held at Tee Tree Lake picnic area in the centre of Mortlake.  Lots of interesting vehicles and some prizes handed out on the day.  Excellent turn out and several Vintage and Veteran badges handed out.   Well done to Brett, Kevin , John. And everyone involved.

Wunghnu Picnic 30th & 31st March 2019 – Our Golden Oldies started from here with 61 Vintage Vehicles and a further 15 on display.  Again a number of Veteran and Vintage 100 year badges provided. This is always a great event and has been going for over 30 years.  Items on display include stationary engines, tractors and tractor pull and vehicles of all shapes and sizes.  On site catering is excellent.  Thanks to Lloyd and Kris for looking after it all once more.

Scoresby Picnic 31st March 2019    For 2019 the date was changed back a couple of weeks but it worked really well with excellent support from the movement once more.   Prizes were provided and lots to see.  The Veteran and Vintage badges again were very well accepted by the drivers.  One fellow who had a Vintage left it there and went home for his Veteran just to get a second badge.  That really makes the Federation Committee proud that they can do that small thing for people from the movement.  Thanks to the Dandy Valley members for organising another great day.  Also thanks to Sue Patter, Lorraine Parnall and Paul Tangey for doing the badges.

Kerang Picnic Day 19th May 2019 – First time for this event with Federation sponsorship and the day after the Delegates meeting.  Please come along and support this one.  This ties in with National Motoring day as well.  This will be an annual event and the location will be shared by Kerang, Echuca, Deniliquin and Swan Hill.

Golden Oldies August 2019 – Again sponsored by RACV.  This started from the Wunghnu picnic 2019 and travelled up into the mountains.   We had 65 entries at one point but that dropped back to 61 by starting day.  From all reports everyone had a great time.  Couple got a lift home on tilt trays but when you are driving something that is nearly 100 years old up mountains for a week something may give up.  Our thanks to RACV and Daryl for their support and sponsorship once more.  John, Margaret and Anne Davis and what can we say – well done and other excellent event and attention to detail and thank you for looking after everyone so well.  Thanks from us all.

AHMF’s National Historic Motoring Day 19th May 2019 –  National Motoring day all over Australia.  Please let us know what your Club is doing to celebrate this National day.  Winton Historic is on as well.

AHMF National Event 28th March to 3rd April 2020 At Albury and a Hub Event – The 2020 event is fully organised.  Christine has done a lot of work to make it all be as good as it possibly can be.  Now all we need please is your entry.   John Kennett will explain more on the roads that will lead everyone to Albury.    Please do consider attending as it was last in the year 2000 that a National rally was held and I think the one before that 1978.  So they don’t happen all that often and you need to join in whilst its underway and not far away.  I have been asked to a meeting in Albury on the evening of the 19th May as well.

Australian Historic Motoring Federation  AGM will be held in Tullamarine on the 13th and 14th July.  We are looking for items to be placed on the Agenda please.

Robert Shannon Trust – Applications to be sent to Federation Committee at the start of June please and then they will go to the AHMF by the end of June.

Younger Members on Federation Committee –  I hope that Delegates have discussed this back at your clubs.  We have not heard of any younger Delegates coming along though.  It was pleasing at Wunghnu to see younger members having a go at the Tractor Pull and on the Trek on Saturday.

WWW Federation Site: Please have a look at our new WWW site and advise all members of your Club to look at  Any events that you have coming up can be advertised here.  Please do make use of this site to help advertise your events.

Luxury Car Tax:   Talking recently with our Local Federal representative for Bendigo and she did not realise that LCT applies to vehicles over 25 years old as well.  Lisa thought it was just on new and near new vehicles.  But please take care it applies to vehicles purchased in Australia as well that the amount runs up and over the $65,000 price.  I am suggesting to AHMF again as I did last year that each Council member of AHMF needs to get each member club to approach their local Federal polly and explain all this to them.  The Assistant Treasurer did say though that the funds raised from LCT was being used to help fund the Treasury and its day to day costs which is hard to argue against.  So we may not win but will give it a go.  In the Budget for the second year in a row there was some reduction made.

Asbestos In Vehicles:  Talking again with my local Federal member and this is NOT negotiable.

Motor Vehicle ACT Regarding Imports:  As you know Federation via AHMF has been having input into the new ACT provisions.  Its in place now and they are working on any finer points changes.  There has been meetings in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney and as you can imagine the interested groups is extensive from cars, trucks, trailers, campervans and we are in amongst it trying to keep it reasonable for the 25+ year age group vehicles.  Thankfully at each meeting Vic Roads has been well represented and they have a good understanding of it all.

Thank you, Neil Athorn
Ph: 0408 033 839



Rebooking of previously held sites concluded on the 28th February.  All sites not rebooked by then have now been offered to those on the waiting list.  If you have members who may wish to have a site for a couple of years please ask them to e-mail into the Swap Office on:

Site Booking Coordinator
Bendigo National Swap Committee
Mobile: 0427 446 660

We have noticed that a number of long term site holders have decided not to renew due to age and lack of parts for sale.  We say to them thank you for supporting the Swap over many years.

Rotary have attended a meeting with the Committee and they are much wiser now on what is required to do all the catering at the Swap.  This year 7 Rotary Clubs and 5 Community Groups received financial support from their efforts at the Swap last year.

CFA Parts Pick up and we have heard from them and they have a couple of fresh ideas to help out.  They appreciate the ability to come and be part of the Swap and for the payment that they receive.

Investigations are underway as to how we can again trim any costs so as we can return as much profit as we can back into the movement without at the same time overcharging at the gates.

Entry ticketing in one under consideration to a simpler format with thermal printing on site.

Disaster Management is always on our minds now and we have approached Major Events at the Council re any new requirements and we will meet with them soon.  We also asked the Police is we needed to do any more and they are really happy with the way the Swap is being run by everyone involved.

The Show Society has been promised funding if the labour party wins the election.  The funds are to be used to try and reduce the amount of dust and better entrances for pedestrians.